One-to-One Pilates Session

Master the technique with personal pilates training

Personal training is by far the best way to start doing Pilates. A one to one session offers you a personal assessment and a program designed to your requirements, allowing you to focus on specific areas. A one to one allows us to observe you in detail whilst you are performing the exercises, enabling you to perfect your technique and progress that much quicker.

If you are doing Pilates through advice from your osteopath, physio or chiropractor, we work closely with them to ensure that you are getting the best possible care. Pilates personal training can keep you motivated with challenging sessions to improve your strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination and mobility. The sessions can be set at times that suit you and are held at our studio in Lower Earley. Home visits can be arranged for a small extra charge to cover time and mileage.

Some clients prefer to stay with one to one sessions but there is the more affordable option of moving to group classes once you have mastered the technique.

To book any of our Personal Training options, please email Claire.

Personal training options:

Introductory One-to-One (45 minutes)
A fantastic class for beginners, the introductory 1:1 includes an overview of Pilates at our studio in Lower Earley; as well as an introduction to alignment, breathing and engaging core. A great 1:1 for those who want to get to grips with the basics.

Pilates One to One Personal Training Session(1 hour)
A personal Pilates training session held in our Lower Earley Studio that can be individually tailored to your requirements. This is ideal for targeting specific areas, rehabilitation, or if you want to improve your overall technique. Personal training can include matwork or equipment, or a mixture of both within the sessions.

Sessions can be booked in blocks of 1, 5 or 10. These must be paid for in advance and taken within 6 months. Please email Claire to discuss available time slots.

One to Two classes (1 hour)
As above, but with one Instructor teaching two students at our Pilates Studio in Lower Earley. Due to the competitive price, it stays the same regardless of the quantity of the booking.

Introductory 1:1 £45.00
Personal training - x1 £55.00
Personal training - x5 £245.00 (£49 per session)
Personal training - x10 £470.00 (£47 per session)
One to Two classes £75.00