Pilates Equipment

Bring a new dimension to Pilates training

Pilates equipment brings a new dimension to Pilates; it is designed to enhance, support and improve the effectiveness of your workout. The various equipment pieces such as the Reformer, Cadillac and Chair incorporate light spring resistance that works to safely sculpt, tone and stretch the muscles and offers you the opportunity to work in multiple planes of resistance, either on a mat or on a moving platform.

Our studio contains new, top of the range equipment from Balanced Body, who are renowned in the Pilates world for the best quality equipment; providing safe, durable, smooth and beautifully crafted pieces, all based on Joseph Pilates original designs.

Watch the video below to see a pilates reformer in action

It was the intention of Joseph Pilates that the equipment and the matwork would work to assist each other, but as the easiest and cheapest way to introduce Pilates to the public was the matwork classes, the significance and visibility of the Pilates equipment has been diminished. Now some people are practicing, and even teaching Pilates, completely unaware that there is an equipment series.

Watch the video below to see a chair being used

The equipment has an amazing ability to identify any imbalances and weaknesses and allows you to isolate and correct them, building strength without bulk and creating a balanced, flexible, toned body. It challenges stabilisation of one segment while moving other parts of the body. The resistance is produced by springs, providing gradual resistance as the muscles contract. This gives greater resistance at the muscle’s stronger point of contraction and less at the starting point of contraction, so there is less stress on the joints, tendons and ligaments, making the equipment safe for rehabilitation work, as well as more challenging workouts.

Watch the short clip below to see a pilates arc in action

Watch the video below to see a Cadillac being used

Pilates equipment can be incorporated in your Pilates Personal Training sessions or in Equipment classes. A small group equipment class (3 people) uses the reformer, cadillac, springboard and arc. An equipment 1:1 is a pre-requisite to joining this class to enable us to tailor the program to suit your requirements.


Group equipment class x 1 £25.00
Group equipment class x 5 £115.00
Group equipment class x 10 £220.00
Equipment 1:1 x 1 £55.00
Equipment 1:1 x 5 £245.00 (£49 per session)
Equipment 1:1 x 10 £470.00 (£47 per session)


The Power of Pilates equipment studio is located at No.1 Chalfont Court, RG6 5SY, near the Asda complex in Lower Earley.

Pilates equipment by Balanced Body®, Video(s) courtesy of Balanced Body®.

Equipment group classes start from £25 per class.
One on one equipment sessions start from £50