? Returning to the Pilates Studio COVID-19


Your visit to the Power of Pilates Studio

Please take a moment to read through the guidelines below.

• Please only enter the building 5 minutes before your class to allow the class before to leave and therefore avoid any crossing on the stairs. The NHS Track and Trace QR code is easily accessible around the studio for you to scan.

• Please use the automatic hand sanitiser before and after class. There are also sanitising stations near every mat.

• There is a space for shoes and bags as at the door. No shoes are allowed in the studio.

• Please bring your own mat and you are welcome to bring your own band, ball, block etc.

•Your instructor will direct you to the appropriate space to ensure we keep to distancing guidelines.

When you leave, please check your area and wipe down if necessary. Use the automatic hand sanitiser on your way out

• If you use the bathroom, please wipe down any surfaces you touch (take a spray and blue roll from above the shoe stand)

• Windows and doors will remain open to increase air flow

• We have increased the time between classes and we are using certified cleaning products, tested to be effective against Coronavirus

• You are not required to wear masks during exercise but you must wear your mask to and from the class - so before you enter the building up until the point the class starts and then again once the class has finished until you are back outside.

Social distancing guidelines remain in force outside of the class so please ensure you keep to the distancing guidelines as you arrive and leave - thank you.

• The class is also LIVESTREAMED but the camera will only ever be on the instructor - no clients are ever in the camera view. No classes are recorded where people are present.

• Payments can only be made online or via bank transfer - no cheques or cash please.

IMPORTANT Please do not attend class if you are symptomatic, share a household with someone who is symptomatic or have travelled to a high risk country and should be in quarantine. Please be respectful of the guidelines, even if you believe your symptoms are minor or something else. We have multiple options for you to "catch up" missed classes - recorded version / online or catch ups which we are happy to provide regardless of when you cancel. You will not be allowed to attend the class if you are coughing, sneezing or showing any signs of illness. Thank you - safety is our top priority.

Watch our short video which will show you the new studio layout

Matwork classes start from £8.25 per class.
One on one sessions start from £50