Power of Pilates places top priority on the health and well-being of all their clients and instructors. During the pandemic, we went above and beyond the guidelines to ensure all of our clients felt covid secure in our classes and also had access to online classes if they preferred, or were isolating. As a result, we have an outstanding reputation for being a responsible, COVID safe Pilates studio.

Sadly, the virus has not gone away. We have therefore taken the decision to continue with our current covid precautions in classes which we will review on a regular basis alongside our risk assessment.


Ventilation, cleaning and hygiene measures will continue. Ventilation levels are monitored via a CO2 monitor at the studio.
We will reduce class numbers where appropriate
There will be a 10 minute gap between classes to avoid crossover
Please continue to use your own mat / equipment
LIVESTREAM will continue as an option - all LIVESTREAM classes will be recorded for home use for 1 week
Please stay home and use our flexible cancellation policy / LIVESTREAM / recording options if you are unwell (however mild)
There is no legal requirement to scan in or wear masks but we encourage you to do so if you are able

**If COVID restrictions change and we are no longer able to run "in person classes" then we will switch to LIVESTREAM classes. If you are unable to join LIVESTREAM classes, any remaining class credits will be credited back to your account for you to use when we return to classes.


Please wait until 5 minutes before your class before entering into the building to avoid queues on the stairs.
Please use the automatic sanitiser at the top of the stairs before entering your class.
There is a space for shoes / bags as you enter the studio. Please leave your belongings there.
Please bring your own mat / small equipment. You are welcome to use our cleaning supplies for your equipment before or after class.
Your instructor will direct you to a space to ensure we are appropriately distanced. There are sanitising stations near every space.
When you leave, please check your area and wipe down if necessary. Please use the automatic hand sanitiser on your way out
Ventilation is important - windows and doors will be left open throughout the class.
Masks are not not mandatory but we request that you continue to wear one (unless you have a valid exemption) whilst you are inside the building up until your class starts and then again when you leave. You are not required to wear masks during exercise.
If class numbers are restricted, the class may also be LIVESTREAMED but the camera will only ever be on the instructor - no clients are ever in the camera view.
Please continue to respect other people's space


Please do not attend class if you are symptomatic, share a household with someone who is symptomatic or have travelled to a high risk country and should be in quarantine. Please be respectful of the guidelines, even if you believe your symptoms are minor or something else. We have multiple options for you to "catch up" missed classes - recorded version / online or catch ups which we are happy to provide regardless of when you cancel. You will not be allowed to attend the class if you are coughing, sneezing or showing any signs of illness

Thank you - safety is our top priority.

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